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STEVENS aluminium frame cross bikes are either cyclocross racers, commuter bikes or sporty travel bikes – and from the new model year on they are even more comfortable. Gravel road or bike lane? Winter training with mud guards or summer vacation with pannier rack? STEVENS models Vapor, Prestige, Gavere and Tabor can do both. Now, for the current model year, the entry-level cyclocross bikes Gavere and Tabor were improved by adding another feature for more comfort on your daily commute or off-road trip - wider tires. This way, in addition to their agile and sporty handling, to the option to carry luggage...

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Perfect for a quick after-work tour, just to feel good: This bike was the ideal machine for endurance athletes and a fitness bike in particular, says My Bike magazine in its April issue cross and fitness bike test. Such a bike ”carries all your weight, is easy on the joints, gets you good cardio work-out and enhances balance, coordination and endurance.” With its flat handlebar and not too stretched-out seating position this agile bike was a bike for all those who do not yet want to switch to road bikes. A solid 105 drivetrain takes care of fast and precise...

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